While the storyline reminds you of another love story that was a rave in Kerala(Ennu ninte moideen) or a down-to-earth romance(Annayum Rasoolum) and makes you reminisce on the multitude of such love themes in movies ,the story-telling is engaging . And that makes this one movie Kismath different from others. Directed by debutant Shanavas K. Bavakutty, Kismath potrays the love and struggles of Irfan(Shane Nigam),a muslim B.Tech dropout and Anitha(Shruthi Menon),belonging to a lower caste, as they face oppression from family and society. The movie is based on a real life incident which happened in Ponnani a few years back .

For once ,the love story here has certain uncliched elements-whether it’s the love for an older woman or be it the heroine’s role of being an SC promoter . The movie tries to unravel the hypocrisy of the kerala society, which proclaims to uphold progressive attitudes, all the while hoisting the flags of conservatism at heart .Thus once again throwing open the doors for discussions on the caste issues and Janamaithri police in contemporary society .The mayhem caused by an Assamese worker and the confusion he creates among the policemen are the lighter moments in the movie.

The casting has been perfect with all actors falling into the required mould with ease . Shane lends the character the required intensity and  it’s refreshing to watch a newcomer. His dubbing, with all the slangs of Ponnani too has come out well. Shruti Menon gives flesh and life to her character with her remarkable performance. The movie will be a break for both its lead actors.

The background score by Sushin Shyam and camera work by Suresh Rajan ,adds to the emotional content of the movie. The song ‘Kisapathiyil’ might haunt you for quite a while.

The film has been made on a limited budget with the first half shot almost entirely in a police station. The actors Vinay Fort,Binoy Nambala, Sunil Sukhada, Surabhi Lakshmi also have done their roles well .The movie has its share of moments where the crowd cheers, despite the whole theme being a serious one. The dialogue by the character ‘Kamalu’ has done a rightful justice to the goodwill of women.

This movie falls into the realistic genre, and will be received well by such audience. And I still wonder why the director chose to flash his name on-screen, before the movie even actually ended.


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