“THIRA”- malayalam movie review


The movie begins with a larger than life character ‘Rohini Pranab’ played by Shobhana spurting out fiery dialogues to all on her way,her nature established as a strong-headed women.She is a cardiac surgeon and runs a shelter home ‘Arpana’ for  girls she had rescued from human trafficking.Her husband,a reputed journalist has been allegedly declared as a paedophile and died in disgrace owing to a cardiac arrest.She sets out to clear her husband’s name.

At the same time,Naveen(Dhyan Sreenivasan) sees  his own sister being kidnapped in front of his eyes in a matter of a second.The stage is set as both characters sets out to challenge the traffickers and save their dear ones.

Though the time frame set (24 hours) has added a ‘hard to believe’ touch to the whole story,the director has tried his bit in tugging at the socially committed being within us,but as all other movies do,the effect lasts only a few minutes out of the theatre.

We just have to sit back and watch stunned at Rohini’s expertise in this field ,that no matter what she will find a way out.”Trust me,I have done this before”,Rohini says.

As the name suggests it creates a wave(thira),one that has touched our feet  before too.The movie brought in memories of Kahaani,Calcutta News and Neram for me.

The camera work by Jomon T John needs special appraisal,as he tends to add that thrilling bit to each scene.A closer look might reveal that the camera has been put to a ‘shaking frame’ in most parts of the movie.Music by Shaan is equally engaging.

As a beginner, Dhyan’s performance is not bad.His voice and slang resembles that of his brother.

With many questions left unanswered,lets hope that the next part in the trilogy adds a bit more of life and beauty to the stringent mission that Rohini Pranab is on!

Final thought: Social Awareness(The plight of women)+Shobhana.This is not a pure suspense thriller,its part docu-fiction and part thriller!You won’t regret watching it!


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